Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ship Ahoy!

As the weekend approaches, we are counting down to our boarding the Logos Hope ship, aka World's Largest Floating Bookstore, as she docks in Penang, Malaysia. Brian and I have been invited by the organization that runs the Logos Hope (Operation Mobilization - read all about it here) to conduct a series of private and public talks on board the vessel. During our ten days there, we have been offered accommodation in one of the family cabins. (Watch this space for more pictures!)

The last time I sailed with an OM ship (the now defunct Logos II) was in 2000 when it sailed from Albania to Turkey. Then I was invited to do a series of workshops on the Turkish culture and language. The experience was unique in so many ways - one being the interaction of so many different cultures within such a limiting confine. And now, eleven years later, I have the privilege of serving on an OM ship again. I anticipate another memorable episode but this time shared with the two men of my life.

I broke the news of our impending adventure to C a few nights ago before bedtime and his response was that he wants to stay on on the ship and not come home! But as certain as the sun's rising in the morning, he would be asking to go home after a few days.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to the routine

When Craig was in utero, whenever I'm in the presence of my sister, he would somersault excitedly - especially at the sound of her voice. And then when he saw his YiYi when he was 9 weeks old, he gave her the broadest smile we've seen from him. We knew then that he has a special attachment to her:
From his fondness for eggs to his love to talk, he resembles her in ways that we didn't expect. Though they only see each other once every few months, he asks about her often and a day last week commented that he hasn't seen her for a while. The situation was immediately rectified when YiYi drove down from Malaysia after work to see the little boy. He was a happy camper all weekend with a house full of family.
Face of endearment:
After more than a week at home, Craig is finally fit enough for the creche today. So off he went and though he was reluctant to go, we know that he will have a good time with his teachers and friends there - he always does.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Trooper

The day finally came:
We are grateful to all of you, friends and family, who sent good thoughts our way and prayed for us today. After an early start at the hospital, we were finally discharged to go home at 3pm. The little one handled the surgery like a trooper. When he finally got over his anesthesia, he was back to his normal happy self and asked for lunch (rice, specifically!). However he was advised to refrain from a heavy meal till much later. This led to some fuss but nothing a little distraction wouldn't help.
Post-surgery exhaustion:
A few hours later:
We are so pleased and thankful to our doctors and the staff at Mount Elizabeth Hospital for their warmth and professionalism. Our wonderful doctors even gave C a new train set! Our little trooper will now have to be brave as he endures some initial discomfort and pain during this recovery period. Needless to say, we are relieved that the operation is over and we can now focus on helping the little one heal.