Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jazz for Craig

We found a series of jazz CD's which claims has songs for kids which won't drive parents crazy when they are played for the 20 millionth time - Jazz for Kids. We ordered one from the series, Jazz for Kids: Sing, Clap, Wiggle and Shake, and WE love it! We are convinced that Craig loves it, too, as he's always all excited and smiley when we play the CD. His current favorites from the album seems to be Old McDonald (Ella Fitzgerald) and Ain't nobody here but us chickens (Louis Jordan). If you have kids, we would highly recommend these CDs. We are definitely getting more from the series. Great fun!

Nana's visiting

Brian's mom finally arrived Singapore after an over 24-hour flight from NYC last Monday. It has been wonderful to have her around (not to mention the help we get with Craig!) and even more delightfull to see how she is bonding with the little chap. 
Over the weekend, we had to be in Melaka in Malaysia as Brian was invited to teach at an RZIM training program. So, we towed both Nana and her grandkid with us. Both did really well with the travel and Craig received much interest and attention from the participants of the weekend conference. After the program, Brian and mother made their way to Kuala Lumpur hosted by my sister while the little one and I traveled home. We didn't want to push our travel-limit too far with him. We are pleased that so far the travel has not disrupted his bedtime routine. He is still having difficulty with his daytime naps where he wakes up only after 20 minutes or so (when he does fall asleep!)
Below: Mother and son enjoying some hawker cuisine!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Invasion of the tykes!

Realizing the need for emotional support during these early trying days of being a mom, I, I'Ching, started networking with a group of February 2009 mothers on an online forum. After months of virtual relationship, a dozen of us met up for lunch at a neighborhood mall with our tykes in tow. 

It was great fun to finally meet these amazing mothers in person. But what was more meaningful was the camaraderie we felt with each other as we struggle through these first months of our baby. Inadequate breast milk? I see raised hands. Fussy baby? Yup, I'm not alone. Sleep protest? Check! Suddenly I felt less alone in the universe as we all identified with each other on the problems we're facing with our bambinos and bambinas. We're meeting again in a few weeks' time and this time it'll be a larger group. Will be delightful, I'm sure. (P.S.: Craig got honorary mention in the online forum afterwards as the "cute frowning baby"!)
Meanwhile, Craig is 8 weeks old today. We cannot believe he's already 2 months old! The past 8 weeks have been a blur of diapers changes, midnight feedings, lullabies and poop-reading. While time may seem to have flown by, every second still feels like an hour when we're trying to coax him to nap! 

He's doing so much better with night time sleep. We believe we've gotten him into a routine (we're keeping our fingers crossed!!!). For the past 2 weeks, around 7 pm, we would bathe him (he thoroughly enjoys his bath), give him a massage and then I'll nurse him followed by the bottle. Unfortunately, inevitably, colic would rear its ugly head at this time and we'd have to soothe the little one for 15 minutes or so before he settles down. Then, I'd swaddle him, kiss him goodnight and put him in his crib. He'll fall asleep in 10 minutes or so. Tonight though, he fussed in his crib for a while but fell asleep on his own eventually. We're praying that this pattern will continue till he's 7!
"I love you, Daddy!"