Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toddler diarrhea

Travels and sicknesses occupied most of our days last few weeks leaving us with very little energy left at the end of every day for luxuries like blogging. Soon after my last post, Craig was admitted into the hospital for an intestinal infection. Turns out his fever was not vaccine-related but a precursor to a bout of diarrhea, vomitus, diaper rash, temporary lactose intolerance and yeast infection (in that order!). While the little boy was not too sickly throughout, his Pediatrician recommended that he be admitted for observation.

After two nights of antibiotics treatment, he was allowed to go home when his fever finally broke and when his blood work came back negative. I stayed over with him the first night while Brian took over the next as I had to leave for Toronto for work. It was extremely tough to leave but I knew C was in the good hands of my mom and Brian. Yiyi also flew in to surprise C and her visit definitely sweetened his otherwise miserable weekend in the hospital.

By the time I returned from Canada, the toddler was almost back to his normal self. Unfortunately, he had another bout of diarrhea almost ten days later when we made a day trip to Malaysia for work. This time his fever was short lived though. A few days of intense lactobacillus supplement, his stomach finally stabilized. (By the way, we highly recommend any Probiotics supplement which contains the strain of LactoGG lactobacillus)
In the midst of all these, he turned 16-month old! Here are some tricks up this toddler's sleeve:
  • Says almost 70 words (guess who's counting AND listing!)
  • Hums when you ask him to sing
  • Plays "baby-pictionary" with his parents on the floor with crayons
  • Knows and says what's hot and stays away
  • Rummages the pantry and asks for crackers and cookies regularly
  • Goes to the kitchen, points at the pot where we make his food and says, Mam mam, around meal times
  • Plays hide and seek with his parents (we hide, he seeks)
P.s. Some new pixs of C here.