Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boxing Day Part 1

A quick update for our friends and family on the Western part of the world before we leave for Malaysia early tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family. We decided that we will open presents early this year (all Craig's as Brian and I decided since a couple of years ago to not get anything for each other as we have all that we need) as we will not be home on Christmas morning. So this evening I made dinner (yes, I actually found time to make a chicken dinner I saw on Martha Steward's show!) and we opened Craig's presents. He seemed to have been overwhelmed by all the new toys he received and did not know what to make of it. Still, he was thrilled by all the unwrapping and the packaging boxes.
Unfortunately, this morning I found the little boy sniffling a little. He hasn't any fever so far and was mostly his usual self. So, we hope it's just a slight runny nose and will not progress to anything serious.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas everyone!
Brian commented that Craig was doing a Nana here
- except that he's happy:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Larger than life

Craig has just recently discovered the refrigerator and is now constantly banging on its door hoping that it'll open to him:
Another recurrent frustration: trying to get to the Christmas tree:
The resultant expression - I was SO close to that ornament!
Next to his Christmas present from my boss's wife (his Nanee - Grandma in Hindi):

Future friends

Over the weekend, Brian and I had a couple and their son over for dinner. What was unique about this rendezvous was that we have never met them in person before that evening! It was kind of like a family blind date. I met C on an online February mother forum and subsequently became "friends" on Facebook. Finally after months of talking about it, we got together for our sons to meet.

While it is still too early for Craig and Caleb to socialize and play with each other, both sets of parents thoroughly enjoyed the tete-a-tete. In view of the success of this first meeting (not to mention how I hit the jackpot with my spaghetti meatballs), we foresee many more dates in the future.
Seen here is Caleb and Craig in parallel play - almost oblivious to each other:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Christmas for a 10-month old

Now that Craig has joined the family, everything about Christmas will never be the same ever again for Brian and I: from the location of our Charlie Brown tree to the number of presents under the tree. As C is now a beaming 10-month old who is pulling up on everything (from furniture to our pant leg!), cruising and even foiled an attempt at standing unsupported, we have to consider creative ways to put up the tree. So, we ended up having the tree on a the high side table in the living room. We also had to forgo breakable ornaments and stuck with only safe ones. Trying my hand at baking, I made some decorative cinnamon-scented cookies as ornaments.

I also realized that the My First Christmas tee I got for C is getting too small for him now that his appetite is back with a vengeance. Hence the early debut of the tee in case it longer fits in two weeks'. Go here for more of C in his tighty tee! Meanwhile we are anticipating our first Christmas with the little boy in Ipoh with my family. We will travel there on Christmas eve and C and I will stay on for two weeks - will be fun!
Here's Spock wishing you and yours A Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Big Easy

Craig has finally gotten over his jetlag and we are pleased that we are getting some reasonably decent sleep albeit being roused a few times a night by C's nocturnal cries (we are learning that sleep training is an on-going challenge). Nonetheless, C is getting back to some sort of routine after our trip and I am hoping that things will stay this smooth till our next trip in two weeks'.

While we were in Baltimore at Brian's mom, I had the opportunity to take off to New Orleans - solo - for a conference. C stayed back with Brian in Baltimore.

My love for Creole/Cajun food coupled with my passion for jazz has always had the Big Easy high on my City To Visit list. Hence, imagine my thrill when I found out that this annual conference that I attend every other year was to be held there. The city did not disappoint me - from my arrival into the Louis Armstrong airport with the sweet sound of blues in the airwaves to the jambalaya and gumbo, the ambience was what I had expected it to be.
Background: St. Louis Cathedral; foreground: Jackson Square
I just love quaint little cafes like this one:
The interior of the French Market - which was a disappointment
to me as I had expected it to be like Seattle's Pike Place Market:
Unfortunately, due to the demanding schedule of the conference, I had little time to explore the city. As my hotel was smacked right in the centre of the French Quarters, I did not have to go far to appreciate the old city. I wish I had more time to do more but alas... Perhaps when C is old enough to travel more conveniently we will make another trip to this old city. If his love for jazz is for real (as evidenced by his clapping and shaking of his booty every time I play Ella Fitzgerald), I think he, too, will appreciate the Big Easy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Entertaining on Thanksgiving

It's been almost three days since we arrived home from our visit to the US but we (mostly Craig) are still dealing with jetlag. Hence this post will be brief. Meanwhile, we wanted to feature this video of Craig entertaining his family at our Thanksgiving get-together last week. Notice that at the end of the clip, he was trying to turn the page of his music!

As it was his first Thanksgiving, he also had his first taste of pumpkin pie. He must have loved it as he gobbled up his slice pretty fast!