Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting theological

The few minutes I spend with Craig before he turns to his side and falls asleep at night are precious mommy-son bonding moments. I'd ask him about his day at the creche and he'd sometimes sing and rattle on about a story he read or something he saw ("the grasscutters were working hard today, mommy").

Two nights ago, whilst explaining to him that we're talking to God and he should try to keep still while we pray, he asked the million dollar question which we didn't think would surface so early: "Where is God?" Of course I should expect no less from a boy who is constantly in the inquisitive mode! So, backed by my investment in Christian Apologetics studies, I tried to engage this age-old universal concern only to be asked, "Where is God now?"

This engrossing conversation went on to discuss the identity of Jesus ("Jesus is an uncle" "No, honey, Jesus is the Son of God.") and ended with C exclaiming, "I love the Son of God!" While we doubt he fully comprehends all these, we are thrilled to be having such conversations with our little boy and look forward to a future of theological-philosophical talk at the table during mealtimes. Good stuff!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Waiting Game

From the time when Craig was born, we had been informed that he would need a minor corrective surgery before he turns 3. After consulting the pediatric surgeon, we decided to schedule it for December last year. But a few days before his scheduled surgery, C caught a cold - deeming him unfit for the operation.

Since then we have not been able to find another suitable date until a few weeks ago. And again, he caught a cold a week before the scheduled date. We postponed it - this time to week later which was to be today. We were sure that this time was going to work. I was so confident that I had him pre-registered at the hospital so to spare an hour of waiting in the morning when we arrive.

All systems were set to go but on Friday evening we received a call from the doctor's office. The procedure has to be postponed yet again! This time, it was at the request of the anesthesiologist. Since she's our preferred specialist, we decided to accommodate her availability. So, the new scheduled date for the surgery is August 1.

All this waiting has not only increased our anxiety but also our impatience - we just want to get this episode over with! Consolation - my mom arrives in two days' to the render moral and domestic support that is very much coveted.
A few weeks short of two and a half, we are running out of time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Avifauna adventure

A week ago, Craig's class at his creche organized an outing to the Jurong Bird Park here in Singapore for both the little people and their parents. Brian and I took a day off from our work to join the jaunt. Lots of fun on many fronts - especially when we got to meet the parents of C's few girlfriends! Click here for more pixs.