Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summer during winter in Perth

A family-wide influenza infection that began on the last day of our Lunar New Year holiday did not stop us from embarking on a plane again a few days later to the beautiful city Down Under that's experiencing it's hottest ever summer. With work commitments for both Brian and me scheduled, it was impossible to cancel our trip at the last minute despite our feverish fatigue. Thankfully one of the friends we stayed with was a Pediatric doctor. This came in handy when C developed a fever on the evening we arrived.
"G'day, Mate!"
Despite our sickness and the 37 C (99F) degree heat, we are pleased to announce that we fulfilled our work obligations albeit losing our voices at the end of each day! During our six days there, we wished we saw more of the beautiful city but alas. On our last but one day, we decided to rise above our exhaustion and hit the highlights the city has to offer - the Botanical Garden (King's Park) and the beach and rounding the day out off with fish and chips at Fremantle. Our hosts, A and C, were wonderful in every way - took wondrous care of us three sick patients and took tonnes of pictures for us.
"Thank you, God, for chips!"
C, I believe, had a GREAT time. He loved the space and the new friends he found in our hosts and their son, J. He was, by the time of our return, the healthiest among us three! We are all still sickish at the time of this posting but we're definitely on the mend. For more pixs, click Perth.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The terrific two year old

Two nights ago I tried to relive what it was like a little over two years ago when I was all bloated and ready to burst followed by some intense few months after Craig was born when Brian and I had to manage being first time parents all by ourselves. But it was difficult for me to imagine those challenging days anymore as they are like vague memories now compared to the joy that we have since experienced.
C turned two yesterday and parenting this little sweet kid continues to be a ball. Everyday brings us new surprises as well as new scare. Hard to believe that the tiny bundle we could once hold with just one arm is today a big boy with a big vocabulary and an even larger heart.

As his birthday falls right after the Chinese New Year weekend, we decided to celebrate the occasion earlier when most family members are still around for the holidays. Unlike last year, we opted for a store-bought cake set to the face of C's favorite book character - Curious George. He loved it! The only thing he loved more was when we sang him the birthday song. Having celebrated a few friends' birthday at the creche, his turn finally came.
Our new year break is soon coming to an end but we are determined to enjoy our last few days here in Malaysia with loved ones. See some pixs of our time with family here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Year of the Bunny

I'm still in Chennai as I write this but I wanted to go ahead and wish all a wonderful start to the year of the rabbit before I head home to Singapore tomorrow and then the next day to Ipoh for the Lunar New Year. As with previous years, family traditions will ensure that we will be feted to feasts throughout our visit and we cannot wait!

Meanwhile, C's creche held a Chinese New Year party/concert today. Unfortunately I missed it being here in India. Nonetheless, Brian was able to get us some pictures from the performances that C took part in - the toddlers are all SO cute! Click CNY to see the pixs.
Drum roll's my Honey Bunny wishing you,
"A Hop-py New Year!"