Thursday, April 29, 2010

Early talker

A little over two weeks ago, Craig and I took off to visit my parents in Ipoh. We decided to stay a fortnight as Brian was going to be away for the two weekends consecutively and I didn't want to be home alone with the toddler. Besides, this was going to be my last long visit before I head back to work in July. As always, C had a blast with his grandparents (Gung Gung especially) and it was a a double bonus when B dropped by for two nights on his way back to Singapore from his travel the first weekend. Check out more pixs here.
Looking out at our plane as we waited to board. Hard to believe that the helpless baby I once held is now an increasingly independent toddler:
C is entering a really fun stage (though every stage he's been through had been a fun stage for us!) now that he's walking and learning to talk. He understands simple instructions like, "Give ... to mommy," and even slightly more complex ones like, "Get the book and give to mommy" (referring to a book lying on the floor and without gesturing). According to the last Baby Center email I received, C would be considered an early talker as he knows close to 20 words while an average toddler his age would probably be able to say three to four words. He attempts to say new words on a daily basis. It's especially cute to hear him say, "shhh" (shoes), "lala" (umbrella) and "car."
Any empty box is a respectable toy:
Since our return last evening, I have been busy working! Sure, I'm still officially on my extended maternity leave but duty calls (yet again!) and I've to rise to the occasion. In fact, there will be another trip coming up for me when B and my mother will have to tag team again on the little boy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reading corner

Remember that corner of the house where I found Craig contemplating the world the day after his viral infection? Well, he tucked himself in that little space again the other day - this time reading. Among books that were strewn around, he sat in the tiny nook which, by the way, has the best light in the apartment, for almost 10 minutes going through pages of his various books. You can also watch the short video HERE.
Lately, other than his exploding verbal and passive vocabulary, he has also been toddling - for real this time! Yesterday, I decided to put some shoes on him and made an errand-trip to the mall. When we got there I let him loose from his stroller onto his feet - he had the widest smile ever. He was so pleased that a whole new world has opened up for him now that he's a beginner bi-ped.
Attempting to pull along his toy crane:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Craig's list

As Craig approaches his 14th month, his speech development has been impressive. I honestly did not expect him to be able to say some of these words so soon but here they are:

1) Dada (still no mama, yet!!!)
2) Book
3) Ball
4) Clock (he points at wristwatches and calls them a clock!)
5) Truck
6) Cheese
7) Pipe (don't ask me why this word!)
8) Kai kai (Cantonese baby word for walk or going out)

Craig is fascinated by the ubiquitous pipes of Singapore public housing:
He also effectively signs the word, pain, and gestures his wants by pointing - most often at the front door as he's always up for a walk. His passive vocabulary is also expanding daily and we found ourselves losing count of how many words he knows. The challenge for me is to ensure that both his English language and Cantonese vocabulary grow equally. Fun days, these are!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spontaneous excursion

Easter Sunday was off to a wet start but unlike last few days, it was really comfortable. As the day was still pleasant by the time Craig woke up from his nap, we decided to check out the Chinese Garden. Though it's so close to where we live (two train stops away), we have never thought of going there. But we are glad that we did today. It boasts of a Chinese Garden and a Japanese Garden. We only managed to see the Chinese part of the park and promise to return soon for another excursion. It drizzled a little when we first got there but the sky soon cleared up and presented us with a lovely weather for such an outing. Check out more pictures from today here.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quiet weekend

It is a good weekend so far but the weather has been dreadful - it's presently rainy outside but extremely hot and humid in the apartment. (We're talking about 150% humidity!!!) Craig is in a much better mood than he was last few days and having his dad around helps. He is cutting his 8th tooth and we think that that has contributed to his fussiness.

I have been able to catch up on sleep and hence feel much rested overall. Since it's Saturday, I'm determined to leave the house solo to run some errands and have some me-time come rain or shine!

p.s. Just uploded some 13-month pixs of C here.