Saturday, February 27, 2010

In a toddler minute

How is life different now that C is one? Well, these pictures will speak for themselves. In both instances, I left him for a mere 30 seconds only to return to a heart-stopping (mine) sight of C attempting some nerve-racking (again, for me, that is) toddler-FUN.
Trying to escape via the window?
The look of guilt:
Having mastered climbing up the footstool directly, this time he'd like to attempt something more complicated!
P.S. More pictures from our CNY break here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday boys

The two special men in my life celebrated their significant birthday two weeks ago: Craig's first and Brian's 40th. To celebrate the occasion, my mom treated us to a sumptuous multi-course dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Ipoh and concluded the evening with a healthy mango souffle cake (sorry folks, this was store-bought - I'm a mere novice in baking!).

We enjoyed our break in Malaysia thoroughly even though Brian had to return home on the first day of the New Year's due to work commitment. Nonetheless C had a ball - he loved feasting on the new year cookies and mandarins and was always looking forward to his daily evening walk with his GungGung.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Craig is ONE - well, almost!

We leave for Malaysia in a few hours' for our Chinese New Year break but we wanted to post some highlights from Craig's first First Birthday party at home over the weekend. As we will not be in town on the actual day of his birthday, he skyped with his Nana in the morning.
Nana wishing the little buddy a Happy Birthday from halfway round the world:
On Sunday, we had a few close friends over plus my sister and her best pal who drove all the way from Malaysia to join in the celebration. Timed right after C's nap, he was fully charged for the event. As we decorated the living hall while he was napping, he was delighted to see the colorful streamers when he emerged from his room after snoozing. We refrained from balloons though as the little fellow has a love-hate relationship with them. He loves to watch them from afar but is terrified of them when they are close to him. Go figure!

He was thrilled with the company and the novelty of having so many people on his home turf. When the birthday cake was brought out, he did not know what to make of it! But I'm glad he loved the cake that his mommy baked and decorated with the help of his YiYi. More about the cake here. Here are some pictures (thanks, Lisa, for them!)
Craig loves his YiYi: