Saturday, April 23, 2011

The unstoppable force

Craig is quite the unstoppable force in our home nowadays. His language development has been most impressive for a boy his age where he speaks mostly in sentences now and makes funny remarks of all sorts. Recently at bedtime, despite a temperature, when Brian offered to read him a story from his Bible Storybook, he responded by saying, "I want a happy book. The Bible book is an angry book!"

This ability to communicate also means he makes his will and preferences known more forcefully - from what to do, which book to read, to where to go and what to ride. And we noticed that in just the last two days, he is behaving so much more like a preschooler than a toddler. He would play pretend - running around the house saying that he is either a helicopter or a plane flying; or he's a doctor dispensing medication to his exhausted mother.
Imagination coupled with creativity - building a crane:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In memoriam: Edna Radcliff

Brian's paternal grandmother passed away yesterday morning (April 13, 2011). She was 94 and lived a full and purposeful life. We are glad that Craig got to meet her twice and we know that this is not our final goodbye.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Annica personified

Annica is an essential Buddhist doctrine that expresses the belief that nothing about existence is permanent. While I may not agree with it entirely philosophically, as parents to a two-year old, we can certainly identify with the idea of impermanence.

As I write this, Craig is in the hospital being treated for high fever and dehydration that left him debilitated last evening. However, if you saw him this morning, you would not imagine how sickly he was just mere hours ago. Nor did we expect his mild fever that began on Saturday evening would take such a radical turn on Sunday that saw us rushing him to the hospital. A persistent high temperature and his inability to keep any fluid down gave the doctor reasons enough to admit him.

By this morning, his fever had stayed at a consistently low level and he was asking for food and getting bored in his room - all good signs that we are praying will lead to his discharge soon.
Happiness of a Breakfast Happy Meal:
Great start to the weekend:
Waiting to be admitted at the hospital - we hate bad endings:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Full life, full sentences

Between a full schedule of work trips, house guests and plain toddler mirth, I realized that we had completely skipped March here! The month of March began with our travel to Malaysia for work. As we were required to be in Kuala Lumpur and then immediately in Bangkok, we decided to have Craig spend the week at my parents. It was a milestone in that it was the longest he was away from us - 8 days. And boy did we miss him! While he loved his PohPoh and GungGung, he was ecstatic when he saw me. The sentiment was mutual.

In just the week we were apart, C's expeditious language development was quite evident to us. Not only was he picking up Cantonese (Yay!), he is speaking in full sentences most of the time. Two weeks ago, when we woke up to a wet morning, he looked out the window and muttered, "Cannot go out there because it is raining."Along with this ability, emerges the chatterbox who comments and asks about anything and everything. He is definitely the household source of endless entertainment when he is not the fount of tantrums and whine.

Work also took me to Beijing for two days. However, for C, my departure was sweetened by Yiyi's extended weekend visit with her friend, AK. Needless to say, cuddles, kisses and toddler amusement were in abundance!
Favorite activity with any friend - a Curious George book:
Yiyi's goodbye banner: