Friday, November 19, 2010

Ticked off

We have been enjoying the vast expanse of Brian's mom's home here in Maryland the last five days. The weather that has been mostly cooperative with lots of sunshine complemented by the crisp chill of Fall has enabled us to run and roam in the yard in close encounter with barn animals like horses, emus and donkeys. It has been a joy to see Craig enjoy the indulgence of space.

However along with blessings of the great outdoors come some not so pleasant disadvantages. In our case, ticks. My last trauma with such pests was when I was 10 when there was a lice outbreak in school. This time it came rather unexpectedly. The nightmare began two days ago when we noticed a tick climbing up C's face after we took an evening walk. Then as we were brushing his teeth before his bath, we found one on the sleeve of his sweater. But we doubt any of them had a chance to feed on the little boy's blood. We made a thorough check to make sure he's clear of the arachnid. So far so good. But guess where who was sucked on? Me! We found one latched on the back of my right shoulder - horrors! B managed to dislodge it carefully and kill it. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that the sucker brought nothing else to me.

Today we finally could bring ourselves to take a walk in the yard again but we are careful not to tempt the arachnids with any exposed skin or else we'd be really ticked off!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three to being two

A day ago Craig turned 21-month old. Hard to believe that in just three months' time our little boy will be TWO! It seems like just weeks ago when a little red-haired infant was placed in my arms in the hospital. Today, he is the unstoppable toddler whose curiosity is perhaps only second to Curious George - who incidentally is one of his favorite book characters.

Our visit here in Williamsburg has been very good for all of us. But as all good things must come to an end, we leave in two days' to Baltimore to visit with Brian's maternal side of the family. It will be no less indulgent for C, I believe, as Nana cannot wait to have him in her arms again!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Soaking up the cold

We're having a good time of rest as we visit with family here in Williamsburg. The chilly but mostly sunny weather is a wonderful change for Craig. We have been able to spend much time outdoors - at the playground and at the park. Yesterday we drove down to Yorktown where the York river is to soak in the crisp air and waterfront sight. On the way back we took the historical path through the surrender fields and spotted some deer frolicking around in the shadow of the setting sun. See more pictures here.

Today we look forward to seeing some friends and more of family who will join us at our time-share apartment for some meat on the grill. Good times!
Our little bundle at the playground:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sun, sea, sand and stress

After a grueling 30 plus hour journey we finally arrived Naples in Florida for my annual conference. As usual, we're accommodated at a top-class resort and this time is no different. But work always leave us with little time to enjoy the facility. On the contrary, the weekend is typically very busy and stressful - packed with meetings and presentations. This time was no different. In fact it was more stressful than usual as all of us are still battling an evil cold that does not seem interested to take leave.

On our last day we did manage to squeeze in some R and R on the beach. Craig got to dip his toes in the Mexican Gulf but was not too keen. He preferred to run his fingers through the white sand in search of odd-shaped shells. See here for more pictures.
Can you spot C in the middle of the picture?
Now that the work part of our trip is over, we are happily in the company of Grandpa and Grandma in Williamsburg. This also means no more traveling for two weeks - yay- a real break! (And hopefully we will recover from this DARN cold!)