Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Three already???

We have been quiet on this front as I have not been in the state of mind to blog with so many aspects of our life up in the air. Nonetheless, I'd like to report a major milestone of a certain someone - turning 3!
This year Craig got to celebrate his big day with his friends at his school as his past two birthdays coincided with the Chinese New Year and school was closed. Even days before his birthday, he had already his day planned: Buzz LightYear cake with his friends at school all wearing Buzz Lightyear party hats! (Little did he know that that was exactly what we had planned!)

So on February 10, Brian and I turned up at his school with his cake and birthday paraphernalia after naptime to surprise him. We doubt he was surprised as he was already aware that it was his birthday that day. In fact, the teacher said, in the morning he asked her if she remembered that it was his birthday!

Two days later, he got to blow some candles again when our church group got together for our regular meeting. Then again when his Godmother came by with his present and some cakes. So, here we are, our three year-old who got to blow birthday candles on three occasions. Happy 3rd birthday Craig!
Party 1:
Party 2:
Party 3: