Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After 36 hours of non-breaking fever, Craig emerged the victor in his battle with some nasty virus clan. By Tuesday morning he was almost back to his usual happy self though his eyes were evidently battle-weary. Though tired, he continued to fight - this time with us as we tried to put him down for a nap that he clearly needed. No point asking who won that contest! He finally succumbed to a long 3-hour nap with me in the afternoon. Today, he seems all fine but still a little clingy and fussy which does not bode well for a mother who is still engaged in her own viral match.
I found him tucked in a corner contemplating the world this morning:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Les Miserables

It all started when I felt a slight scratch in my throat on Thursday night. We all know where this is heading - my down with a cold. As Craig's primary caretaker, I tried my best to be vigilant about not spreading my germs to him. Evidently I did not try hard enough. On Sunday 3 pm, the little boy was still his usual curious self - surveying every room in the apartment and stopping to poke into anything interesting along the way. By 5 pm, he could hardly move a limb! We were at a friend's place for dinner and before dinner could start, C started throwing up. Upon confirming that he has a fever, we decided we'll head home and skip dinner. But on the way back in the taxi, he threw up a few more times and looked extremely pale. He could not even keep his eyes open. We made a quick decision to bring him in to ER.

The doctor confirmed that he has a viral infection and that otherwise, he seemed fine. We were also told to expect a few days of high temperatures. So, here we are - after the first 24 hours, Craig is still feeling miserable. He hasn't much appetite though he did manage to take some cereal for both lunch and dinner. His fever, though rather low grade, has not broken. We are monitoring and waiting as we anticipate another long sleepless night...
Sunday 4:30pm: Joyful on the train
Sunday 6:00 pm: Miserable!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning fast

Craig is at the stage in his life where he is picking up new skills exceedingly fast. On most evenings before Craig has his bath, Brian would brush his teeth. But last evening, after the routine brush, C decided that he wants to do it again - this time on his own. He took the toothbrush from B and shoved it into his mouth and started to brush - well, more like poking it around. But the point is, it was really sweet to see him wanting to do things independently. Here is some pictorial evidence (pardon the poor photography but as most parents know, it is difficult to snap a good one with a toddler):
Having scrambled eggs for breakfast on his own:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hong Kong Post-97

Flying into Hong Kong's international airport made me realized that this is the first time I'm visiting the Post-97 Hong Kong. Hard to believe that the last time I was here was 1996 (not counting the endless times I've transited here)! Other than the fact that more Hong Kongers now speak Mandarin, the city seems unfazed by the change of government. However, beneath the fashion and the feasts, a lot more is going on in this bustling city: On one of the nights, I, together with two of my other colleagues, joined Ravi (Zacharias) on the Q&A panel after his talk. A poignant question on suicide was asked. I was subsequently informed that filicide-suicide is on the rise here. See report here: Time article It is most tragic when such hopelessness drives the heart.

My week away was extremely busy - packed with meetings and speaking engagements. I barely had time to see much though my hotel was smacked right in Causeway Bay. But I did manage to pick up some Cantonese kids CD's for Craig. Needless to say he was thrilled to see me home when he woke up from his nap on Sunday. Brian and my mom did wonderfully with the little boy and I was glad that I took the few days off to do some "work." This trip will slowly help ease me back into my working mode come July...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome, weekend!

One may wonder why a stay-at-home mother like me would be so excited that the weekend is here. Well, for one, Saturdays are Craig's daddy-day. This means, I get to take a break from the routine and have some me-time. This weekend though will see me working and preparing for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong. I have much to do for the past few days with PohPoh around were mostly play for C and me. So I am having to catch up this weekend. Thankfully my mother will stay a few more days with us upon my return promising the prospect of a couple more days of lunching-out-lazy-afternoons-play during the work week.
Fooling around with mommy's shades on way to lunch with PohPoh today:

Monday, March 8, 2010

He toddles, he toddles not

While July is still four months away (that's when my extended maternity leave expires!), I found myself being called up for duty this month. In a week's time, I would have to travel to Hong Kong for a week to join the rest of my colleagues for various meetings and speaking engagements. During this time, Craig will be under the watch of his daddy who will work from home. My mom, who arrives in two days to visit, will also stay on to tag team with Brian to care for the progressively active boy.

A milestone was "sort of" achieved last week - C took his first two steps! He was trying to grab something from me when he took two tentative steps. For weeks now he has been able to stand very stably on his own but had not taken any independent steps. The next day after the first two steps, he took a couple of steps on several occasions. I thought - "This is it!" Finally I can inform friends and family through virtual social networks that my son is officially a toddler!

But since then, he hasn't attempted any independent walk. He cruises around effortlessly, climbs enthusiastically but - no walk. Hmm...

We are informed by countless baby books that a baby's foray into independent walking is also determined by the child's personality. What we have seen of C is that he is a very cautious child. On numerous occasions, he was able to prevent a serious hit on the head thanks to his careful stance as he fell. We are thankful that he is not a reckless baby but you can't blame a first-time mom for wondering when her little boy would toddle...

Let's hope the following episode will not be repeated when I'm away next week: