Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pack and Play

Tomorrow morning we leave for Melaka in Malaysia for the weekend as both Brian and I have to teach at a conference there. We return on Sunday evening and immediately on Monday early morning, we board our long-haul flight to the US.

Brian has been out of town this whole week for work and if not for my mom, who is here again to visit her grandson, I would not have been able to do much in planning and packing for our trips. As Craig is active as ever now (pulling up to stand whenever there is an opportune moment i.e. none of us are watching!), it has been challenging trying to balance letting him explore the world around him and ensuring that he does not get into anything he is not supposed to.

The last two weeks saw me researching, planning, drawing up check-lists and enquiring on how to fly to the US as uneventfully as possible. While we have traveled with C quite frequently, this will be a milestone for us, the parents, in surviving our first 26-hour long flight. Since PohPoh arrived, C has enjoyed the extra attention and kisses he gets. So, while mommy is busy checking off her packing list, C is working hard at playing with PohPoh.

Craig getting acquainted with his PeaPod - which we hope will be his snoozing zone for the next four weeks:
Toys? Checked. Passports? Checked. Tickets? Checked. Boardbooks? Checked. Sleep? I think it's about time...

Monday, October 12, 2009

In a baby minute

Craig turned 8-months old a few days ago. Today, when we took him to his doctor to get the second dose of his flu vaccination, we also did the routine assessment (as we will be away when he turns 9-months old when his assessment is actually due). He is doing great - lighter than he feels on our arms but in the 75th percentile for his height. Overall he is a happy growing baby - and we are thankful.
The following is a snapshot of what can take place in a baby-minute:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teething blues - encore

Typically Craig is a happy boy when he eats. But he has been uncooperative at mealtimes since last evening due to the sprouting of his third tooth. Hence, today I had to play the role of an entertainer to keep his spirit up. Well, from the video above it is evident it worked - in that my antics made him laughed, but he still did not finish his lunch. I even offered his favorite - the pumpkin pie concoction. But nope. The mouth was sealed shut. He did much better at dinner this evening and hopefully by tomorrow, his appetite will return.

The usual chirpiness after lunch that has been missing:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Creeper Jitters

From the clip above it is evident that Craig is becoming very mobile. He's seen here combat crawling/creeping towards his dragon lantern. Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Festival and kids typically would walk the streets with a lantern in hand in the evening after dinner. Though C did not manage to do his walk (he was fast asleep by the time the neighborhood kids were out), he did receive two lanterns - a fish one from PohPoh and the dragon one from Aunt Kaye.

These are getting rare as they are handmade from paper and hand drawn instead of the new plastic versions:

As Craig approaches his eighth-month mark, we are working fast to baby-proof our apartment. For one, we have lowered the mattress platform of his crib now that he can sit unsupported. We are also on the lookout for a new television console to replace our current one (but these items comes so pricey and we are taking out time to find a reasonably priced one). Thankfully, he is not an overly active and determined baby who simply goes for what he wants. Nonetheless he loves exploring the world around him and we can never be too careful!

Daddy reading to C:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Of beauties and orchids

This morning, I, I'Ching, gave my last talk (a series of 5) to the ladies at the International Baptist Church here. One difference between having a mixed or male audience versus an all-female one is that ladies are usually more expressive of their appreciation. This morning saw me leaving the church with a bunch of purple and white orchids and at least 2 other boxes of little gifts from various ladies in the group. While I never expect such returns when I give any of my talks, these little gestures never fail to warm my heart.
I have never received orchids before! Aren't they beautiful:
As it was the case the last few Thursday mornings, Brian worked from home so he can watch the tyke, too. When I left this morning, C was snoozing on our bed with B after his breakfast bottle and I could not resist the photo op.
My sleeping beauties: