Monday, May 30, 2011

Creating fun on weekends

For many the weekend is a time to catch up on sleep, leisure and even work. Though what I do requires me to work on most Saturdays and Sundays, once in a while we find a reasonably flexible weekend on our laps. Last weekend was one such. Though I had to work for a few hours on both days, we were able to put in some fun family activities (which unfortunately did not include my favorite form of fun - naps!).

On Saturday, we pulled out the Playdough. Craig's idea of "playing" with Playdough is him dictating what he wants us to make for him. Requests span from a swimming pool to a bee and a plane. When Yiyi was visiting two weeks ago, he was able to cajole her creativity to produce a sailboat, a bee and a swimming pool. No such luck with his mommy - she's creative elsewhere. B's skills were tested last weekend and he rose to the occasion producing a few pieces that won the approval of the other two members of the household.
Acting surprised to deflect responsibility: "Oh, a big mess!"
Both C and I were impressed by B's white-eyed dog:
On weekends, too, it is hard to predict how much we can do in the evenings as it all depends on a certain someone's inconsistent nap. (It still baffles and frustrates us that he would nap easily at the creche but not a home) Last weekend was perhaps a fluke as C napped on both days! As a result, we were able to accept the invitation of some dear friends, S and K, to dine at their place. We all had a wonderful time in different ways: C loved the supply of Dr Seuss books Aunty K keeps and was extremely impressed by Uncle S's fancy motorcycle; B could not get over the amazing view from their 24th floor balcony while I learned a new and simple, but oh so delicious, recipe for pork.
Bad pix but notice the glee on the men's faces when in close proximity to a fancy Ducati bike:
Happy Memorial Day to all our friends and family in the United States!
P.s.: Check out some new pixs here.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yes! to a No

Last Wednesday morning saw me waiting impatiently for my turn at the Indian High Commission in Singapore to plead my case to the officer - why he should approve my visa within three days instead of five - as my flight was scheduled on Sunday evening. To my dismay, he said, "No" before I had a chance to explain to him how I got into this visa-pickle i.e. too frequent travel coupled with poor planning (can you imagine me poor planning???!!!)

As a result, my scheduled work trip to India was canceled. While I felt sorry that my colleagues in Chennai had to scramble and find a substitute to teach my classes at the very last minute, I was secretly relieved that I was granted an unexpected break from traveling. The last few days were spent in the office catching up on writing, planning and office lunches with friend-colleague, D. In fact, today, we took off for an early break to lunch at a favorite Japanese restaurant that offers a respectable buffet spread. We realized that though favorite, our last patronage there was three years ago before I was pregnant with C!
My hotpot soup - Japanese food presentation is so delicate:
Speaking of C, here's a conversation that has taken place three times now and I think we've to do something about it:
C: Mommy, I need a new bed.

Me: Why do you need a new bed - this one is fine.

C: This bed is too small. I want this bed to go away.

Me: This bed is too small for you?

C: Yes. I want a big bed. I want Mommy to buy me a car-bed.

Me: Car-bed? What car-bed???

C: I want Mommy to buy that car-bed in the store.

Me: Ok - let's talk about this tomorrow (My attempt to digress... as I wonder where in the world did he see a car-bed???!!!)

Tomorrow we're doing a role-reversal where Brian would be traveling to Shanghai to teach while I get a few good mommy-toddler bonding days. But this is only half the fun. The other half is the fact that my mom is still around and my sister would be joining us here for the long weekend ahead. It will be three gals, a boy and a blast!