Thursday, July 24, 2008

The President, our neighbor

A week ago, while waiting for the bus near our apartment, we spotted the President of Singapore, S.R. Nathan, returning home from a day's work. Yup, though a large Presidential residence is available to him, he has chosen to stay put at his own home - which is on the street adjacent to our apartment block.
Other than an obvious guard booth outside the terrace house, his home is no different or fancier than his immediate neighbors. I walk by his house whenever I have to catch a bus to my office but that day last week was the only presidential sighting we've had so far.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Introducing... " *** Chan Thomas"!

We went to the doctor's today and here's the report (I know that Grandma A is anxious about baby's update!):

Baby is 9 weeks and 2 days old as of today and is 2.5 cm in length. When we looked at him/her on the ultrasound this morning, he/she twitched a few times - very cute! You can see on the above printout limb buds that would grow into hands and feet. So beautiful!

I'Ching isn't feeling too awful overall except for the occasional mood changes (from exhilaration to depression) but she's thankful that she has no real morning sickness. She's beginning to notice a pattern of her so-called cravings where she finds herself constantly thinking of foods she grew up eating - like Ipoh fishball noodles, "chee cheong fun" (Chinese rice noodle roll), Ipoh-style curry noodle and "chu chap chook" (congee with deep fried pig intestines) (Don't worry, baby's Grandma, such crazily exotic food will not harm the little one!)

Brian has been a most supportive husband where he would patiently endure his wife's whims and fancies. In fact, today, though he loathes being seen with a women's purse, he carried I'Ching's all the way from the doctor's to home as she was advised not to stress herself after her blood test. Ah...parenthood changes everything!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And baby makes three

Most of you who read this blog would know by now that Brian and I are parents. I am seven weeks and three days along in my pregnancy. It still feels surreal sometimes that I have a human person growing inside of me but reality kicks in in the form of extreme exhaustion and intense hunger pangs.

It is predictable what the first questions are when someone finds out that I'm pregnant and I'll spare you the inquiry:

Oh, how far along are you?
Seven weeks and counting!

Any morning sickness?
No, I don't think so, except for the occasional nausea.

Any cravings?
I'm not sure if you'd consider them cravings but I'm always hungry for something! I guess, you could say that I'm craving for food, in general!

Brian reports that I also do not have radical mood swings (good for him!) and things have been rather smooth so far. There have been moments of anxiety and uncertainty but the awareness and reminder that this child is a blessing from God assures us that even now, the life of our little one is in his hands.
*Disclaimer: Belly in picture is NOT mine!!! :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Have a hamburger, it's July 4!!!

Yesterday was July 4 and just like the past few years, we try to have an all-American dinner to celebrate the event. Last year we went to Hard Rock Cafe. This year, we decided to have our bacon beef burger at Singapore-originated American diner, Billy Bombers.

We took one look at the menu and we "painfully" knew what we wanted - a burger named after presidential candidate, Obama! It took Brian an especially long time to decide on it! On paper, on the menu card, the burger did look like it has all the right stuff BUT the taste is in the pudding (as they would say). (Please read between the lines here!) Well, we must say that we were satisfied with the burger. Not so pleased with the name, though and Brian made sure the establishment is aware of our feelings towards the name!