Friday, March 27, 2009

Craig's got mail!

Yes, more about Craig! Another first this week - first official letter. He received his social security card in the mail a few days ago. 

On Tuesday, too, he had his sixth week vaccinations  - our brave little boy took 2 jabs and an orally administered vaccine in stride. He merely let out a short-lived cry when he was given the injections and soon stopped when we soothed him. He got a little feverish in the evening, as expected, but nothing a little infant paracetamol won't ease! While at the doctor's we also weighed him - he's 4.2 kgs (9.24 lbs) heavy and has grown 4 cms to 55 cms now (that's 21.6 inches).

Meet the parents

After waiting for more than 5 weeks, my parents in Malaysia finally got to meet Craig (aka Chan Ka Hey). This means, Craig flew (to Kuala Lumpur) and took a long car trip (2-hour ride to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur) for the first time. For the flight, we were prepared for the inevitable cry during ascent and descent but he did great - slept through on both flights (return). Another milestone is that he's gotten the first stamp on his passport!
In his baby seatbelt: Tied to mommy again!
Needless to say, both PohPoh and GungGung were delighted to meet him. He also met his Aunt IY and his other relatives in Ipoh.  Taking him out of his routine was a challenge though. He hardly napped during the day (over-stimulated) and fussed and cried more than he usually does. Though we've been home for almost 4 days now, he's still out of his character where he wakes up from his day naps so easily - so unlike the easygoing Craig we know before Ipoh! Someone commented that there's no such thing as "out of character" for a growing baby as they change all the time and hence impossible to predict. I'm learning this difficult truth the hard way!
1) GungGung's pride and joy!
2) PohPoh with grimacing fussy boy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A month already?

Craig turned a month-old last Tuesday. True to the Chinese tradition of celebrating a baby's "full-moon", we took him to church with us the first time and introduced him to the many friends who never got a chance to see him at the hospital when he was born. 
We are grateful to friends, J and K, for arranging the cakes and other light snacks for the mini-party after church service. They even took the trouble to make some red-colored eggs for the occasion (click here to learn more about this practice).
As expected, Craig was greeted by many ooh's and ahh's though he slept peacefully through the whole affair. He is now officially the youngest person to attend our church!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New luxuries

We've survived the first three weeks as parents to a newborn on our own! As my delivery date was drawing close last month, many well-meaning friends were trying to convince us that we WILL need a Confinement Lady (a Chinese version of a postpartum doula)  to help in the first month. While having help would be great, it is extremely costly to hire one in Singapore. Other than the fact that I'm not comfortable having a stranger stay with us for a month, I know the many constraints the Confinement Lady would place on me (like the need to refrain from showering for a month and not leaving the house for a whole month) would drive me insane. So we decided that we'll stick it out and see what happens. 
Craig having daddy-time:
We're pleased to announce that we are coping alright so far. Other than the expected struggle with breast feeding (I can almost write a book on what breast feeding has taught me about prayer!), we are so far merely plagued by sleep deprivation, and for Brian, by my frustrating demands and unreal expectations fueled by my Postpartum blues. Of course, we are also discovering that favorite past times like an episode of Star Trek, blogging or even checking emails are becoming new luxuries. Faced with the option of either a nap or replying emails, you can guess which wins hands down. Hence, this entry will have to be brief...  

Monday, March 2, 2009

Race: ?

Last Tuesday, a week after Craig's birth, we took him to his first appointment with his pediatrician. While we were filling in his details to register him at the reception, we found ourselves uncertain about one of the particulars - "Race: ....... " Hmm... I thought, he's not ethnically Chinese nor is he white. He's half-and-half. And I'm not sure what that would be. AmeriAsian? EurAsian? AmeriMalaysian? The receptionist told us to leave that space blank.

Brian encountered the same problem when he was applying for Craig's passport online a few days later. In the drop-down menu of "Race," there was none that aptly represents Craig's "race." (And I thought in today's political correct world, it would be rude to ask about one's race!). So, Brian opted for "Others." Poor boy - his race is Others. Talk about a "misfit"! But with a face like his, I'm sure fitting in would not be a problem! (And yes, all moms think their kids are the best looking!)
Craig's favorite sleep pose:
In a few days' his passport would be ready and he'd be ready to go to Malaysia to visit his PohPoh (and KungKung - Cantonese for maternal Grandfather) who is anxiously waiting to meet the little chap.
Craig's passport pix which looks too cute!