Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clogging fun

I love it when I can have Craig travel with me on my work trips. One such opportunity came when I was to be in Ipoh two weeks ago. What topped that was the fact that there's where my parents are. We stayed for a week there so C could catch up with GungGung while I got to nestle in the comfort of my mom's cooking. While B was home alone in Singapore, it was good time for him to make substantial progress on his doctorate thesis.

One of things we decided for C was that we would attempt to expose him to as many childhood experiences as possible from both our cultures. From strolling with a dragon lantern on Autumn Festival to turkey and green bean casserole on Thanksgiving, we want to make sure that he experiences and appreciates the richness of cultural diversity. 

While at a provision store stocking up on Ipoh's famous soy sauce, we came across some handmade Chinese clogs for kids. There was no way I was going to let this pass. So we got the 3.5-year old a pair and taught him how to walk in them. Here's a video of the boy entertaining us with his silly antics. 

*Note on the dialogue: As we were watching a lot of the badminton games during the Olympics, he thought that all the events at the Games were called badminton!

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