Thursday, December 13, 2012

Family day out: Part One

Though we live in a city where many travel from around the world to visit, we don't do enough in this beautiful cosmopolitan that has so much to offer. Last Friday we decided to change that and be tourists for a day. Craig's school was closed for the day and that was the perfect excuse.

After fueling up on a hearty breakfast at home, we made our way to our first stop - Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. We have heard so much about this new hotspot in town but it was only two weeks ago that I finally I visited this new city-attraction with my mom and aunt when they were here for their sisters getaway. My first reaction was that it should be on our regular family outing list.

What's there not to love - lots of space for C to run and expand his boundless amount of energy, educational (lots to learn about global flora and the ecosystem) and it's free (if you choose not to visit the two indoor conservatories). Our first activity was a stroll on the OCBC Skyway which connects two environmentally sustainable SuperTrees. At 25-metre high, it offered an impressive view of the park and of the city.
We took our time to explore the various regions within the Park and concluded our visit with lunch at the Supertree Dining foodcourt. We decided to skip the conservatories as we reckoned we would be returning in February when Nana's visiting. (Yes, Nana - we can't wait!) Check out more pixs here. There's a second part to our outing - watch this space!
Ouch! Petrified - wooden sculpture of a lion.

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