Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We checked in, kissed Brian goodbye and made our way to the boarding gate. So far it was just another fly-from Changi occasion. So we thought - until I asked Craig where he'd like to sit as we wait to board. He chose a far corner of the waiting lounge where there was only another lady seated. As we approached the seats, I realized that she was not just any other lady - it was the one who played, well, the lady, in The Lady, a movie about Aung San Suu Kyi. It was Michelle Yeoh (!) who was also flying to home to Ipoh for the Xmas holidays.

True to what we have always heard about this beautiful Bond girl, she's friendly, personable and most obliging - as we asked for a picture with her. After her picture with Craig, the other waiting passengers realized who she was and started asking for pictures. (Oops - did I blow her "cover"?). 
While I was clearly star-struck, to C, she's just another pretty pleasant "aunty" who tried to make conversation with him at the airport and showed him videos on her iPhone as we waited to board our plane. One day, he'll know...

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